Jofa 715 LS

Client: Reebok-CCM Hockey AB.

Mission: To develop a multi-helmet for children that can be used when playing, skiing, cycling, ice-skating. The child should be able to have the same helmet throughout pre-schooland supply a better fit and a simple function for adjusting the size.

Result: Struktur Design has followed the development of the product from start to finish. We have delivered early stage concept ideas, defined the shape of the helmet with CAD and introduced basis for production of the plastics. The result is a smarter helmet with a better fit, partly due to a integrated hat for the winter season. A simple handle makes it easy to adjust the size without any other tools. The shape and look also aim to have the target group accept the concept of a multi-helmet. It is, in short, a cooler helmet for many different purposes. 

Jofa 715LS was 2014 awarded with Red Dot Award for its design.