Teaching at Umeå Institute of Design

Client: Umeå Institue of Design, Umeå Universitet, ranked as one of the world’s best design schools.

Mission: Since 1994, Struktur Design has been involved inthe education of students at Umeå Institute of Design. Thanks to our knowhow and experience we have been asked to do lectures, form courses and tutor students. Our services have included many different fields: courses in 3D-modelling, clay, eco-design, entrepreneurship and production engineering.

Result: The collaboration with Umeå Institue of Design is truly inspiring. It is here that we get to meet the aspiring designers, full of enthusiasm and creativity.Umeå Institute of Design is a superior winner in the American International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) of 2013. This distinction shows that the school is considered better than prestigious schools in the US, Great Britain and China and belongs to the absolute elite when it comes to industrial design. We hope to continue our collaboration with Umeå Institute of Design and that our part contributes something to their international acclaim.