Avaya B189 IP

Client: Avaya

Mission: To create a conference phone for the modern conference room, a phone that expresses self-confidence and top quality.

Result: Throughout the design process of the B189 the end-users has been in focus and thus simplicity and user-friendliness are signifiers for the phone. The B189 is easily navigated with a colour touch screen, intuitive menus where you can start a call, add participants and use other features while you are speaking. What’s unique about the B189 is that it, on top of the user-friendliness, also comes with a paramount sound improved by detached speaker boxes. Thanks to the Omni-Sound-technique all participants are clearly heard through a filter that reduces distortions and eliminates background noises.

The design enables 360 degrees surround sound via two powerful speakers and four built-in microphones. The B189 can pick up individual voices within a six meters radius, which can be further extended with extra microphones. All this is found beneath a stylistically pure and altogether competent surface.

Avaya B189 IP was 2014 awarded with Red Dot Award for its design.