Brief, pre-study, analysis

Our design process starts with a design brief where the mission is defined. The main focus is always the end-user and our client’s brand. The second stage is a pre-study where challenges, functions and needs are being researched. A pre-study can include tryouts, workshops or interviews. Lastly, the results are being analysed and a specification of requirements is complied.

Sketches, visualisation

We visualise the ideas and thoughts that have emerged in the analysis. The different suggestions are thoroughly discussed and tested with the client and the end-users. The best ideas are selected for the ongoing work. To fully understand the challenges, this process sometimes has to be repeated a few times.

Specification, modelling, CAD

We manifest the ideas through physical models or CAD-models, clearly showing how the final product will come out. The result can be in the shape of photo realistic renderings or free form models.

Evaluation, verification, correction

The test models are being evaluated internally with the client as well as with users on the market. Thereafter, the solutions are being verified with corrections in CAD before construction is initiated.

Support, transmission

To proof safe the intentions and the quality of the project, we work closely together with the client to reach rational and well grounded solutions for the production. We deliver drawings, 3D- material and product graphic.

Follow up, product care and further development

After a while, we conduct a follow-up to make sure no problems with production have occurred. Smaller adjustments can be made to further utilize the product. Additional development takes off in the experiences we appropriated in the process.


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